Earn Your Graduate Degree at ENMU

Eastern New Mexico University offers 22 graduate degrees and nine 100% online graduate degrees in the Colleges of Business, Education and Technology, Fine Arts and Liberal Arts and Sciences. Graduates of a regionally accredited college or university or whose institution is recognized by the Commission on Recognition of Post-secondary Accreditation (CORPA) may apply for admission to the ENMU Graduate School.

Admission to the Eastern New Mexico University Graduate School involves a two-step admission process including application and admission to the graduate school and admission to the specific graduate program.

International Students have a variety of options within the graduate program. However, the International Graduate Student Procedures are unique and must be followed to be admitted to the ENMU Graduate School.


Pay in-state tuition of $207.95 per credit hour if you take six or fewer hours. More than six hours requires out-of-state tuition for nonresidents. Learn more about tuition and fees.

Transfer Assistance

For more information, please call 866.817.5333 or send an e-mail to enmu.transfer@enmu.edu.

Military Assistance

For help, please call 866.817.5333 or e-mail enmu.military@enmu.edu.